Calling all schools, calling all schools!

Ballots have arrived in the mailboxes of 925 Heisman voters around the country, so it’s time to start solidifying our picks for the most outstanding player in college football.

As publisher of Heismanpundit, I’d like to invite the Sports Information Directors and Media Relations Directors from the competing schools around the country to make their case for why their player is worthy of this year’s Heisman.

Send that information my way and I will feature it here on Heismanpundit. It’s free marketing for your player and is guaranteed to reach quite a few voters, as this site is widely read among college football writers.

Email me at and we’ll go from there.

Fans of Stanford, Oklahoma State, Alabama, Houston, Boise State, Oregon, Baylor, Oklahoma and all the rest, pass this info along to the proper authorities so your school can make a case on behalf of its candidate.

I’ll give everyone until Sunday to get the information to me and we’ll publish it on Monday.

And: I’ll be polling readers next week to find out which school made the best case.

Creativity, ingenuity and insightful data are encouraged!

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One Response to Calling all schools, calling all schools!

  1. Steven November 20, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    How is it possible that USC’s Matt Barkley isn’t in the mix? His numbers are better than a lot of past winners. He is a good example, has character, and has been nothing short of an MVP.