Comparing the Numbers

Here are the current stats for the main Heisman contenders and what they project to have by the time Heisman votes are due:

[column width=”47%” padding=”6%”] Andrew LuckCurrent
2,695 passing yards
29 TDs
7 INTs
169.06 rating
134 rushing yds
2 rushing TDs

Brandon WeedenCurrent
3,635 passing yards
31 TD passes
9 INTs
164.16 rating

Trent RichardsonCurrent
1,205 rushing yards
18 rushing TDs
5.91 ypc
25 receptions
318 receiving yards
1 receiving TD

Case Keenum Current
3,951 passing yards
37 TD passes
3 INTs
193.34 rating
35 rushing yds
2 TDs

[/column] [column width=”47%” padding=”0″] Andrew LuckProjected
3,235 passing yards
35 TD passes
8 INTs
168.80 rating
150 rushing yards
2 rushing TDs

Brandon Weeden — Projected
4,361 passing yards
37 TD passes
11 INTs
73.1 %
163.70 rating

Trent Richardson — Projected
1,445 rushing yards
22 rushing TDs
5.91 ypc
30 receptions
382 receiving yards
2 receiving TDs

Case Keenum — Projected
5,136 passing yards
48 TD passes
4 INTs
192.8 rating
44 rushing yards
2 rushing TDs


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3 Responses to Comparing the Numbers

  1. CowboyKS November 17, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    Looking into the stats a bit, there are a few interesting tidbits.
    Yardage. Weeden has about 1000 more yards than Luck.
    TDs. About the same, with Weeden having a few more.
    Picks. About the same w Weeden have a few more on a lot more production.
    QB rating. Luck is higher due to his higher td to yardage ratio. Read on….

    Let’s look at the offenses overall.
    OkState produces about 70% of its yardage passing.
    Stanford produces About 55% of its yardage passing. Much more balanced.

    Here is the interesting twist…
    OkState produces about 55% of its TDs passing. Very balanced.
    Stanford is almost identical at about 55% passing TDs.
    Now what’s even more interesting is 50% of the passing TDs, or +25% of Stanford TDs are alley oop passes to receivers 6’6″ or taller.
    Net net OkState is a pass first yardage team and balanced scoring team.
    Stanford is a balanced pass-run yardage offense and Alley Oop to the NBA center scoring team.
    Luck is lucky to have gargantuan recievers and a very strong rushing compliment. OkState has an amazing fireballing QB that makes all of his throws.

    • TreeCardMonty November 18, 2011 at 11:03 am #

      Hmm. Have you ever watched Stanford? I do not recall a single “alley-oop” touchdown to the tight ends this season. They’re just well-placed throws like you’d make to any receiver.

      And how is it that Luck has an unfair advantage in terms of receivers when his wide-outs are average at best, and hampered with injuries and inexperience, while Weeden gets to throw to Justin Blackmon all day long?

  2. Craig November 21, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    So, when and where does Case Keenum need to show up to grab his award?