Houston’s Heisman Case For Case Keenum

I’ve invited the various schools to use Heismanpundit.com to make their case for their Heisman Trophy candidate.

Each player/school will get a featured post to push their player and I’d like my readers to let it be known which argument was the strongest. I’ll put a poll on the sidebar. Please take a minute to vote. Try to be objective if you can (I know, big request).

As for you Heisman voters out there, here’s a chance to see all the arguments laid side by side. Well, at least a few of them, as not all the schools decided to make a case.

Next up is Houston and Case Keeum. Take it away, Houston:

Making A Case For Keenum 

There is only one undefeated quarterback in the 2011 Heisman Trophy Race and that’s Houston’s Case Keenum. The senior standout led UH to a 37-7 victory over SMU on Saturday, finishing his home regular-season career with 21 consecutive victories and leading the Cougars to a school record 11-0 mark.


Keenum has been absolutely flawless this season. In addition to helping Houston remain one of just twoundefeated teams this season (along with LSU), Keenum owns virtually every NCAA career passing record, setting career standards for:


Passing Yards:                                       17,855

Total Offense:                                        18,771

Touchdown Passes:                             145

Career Touchdowns:                            168

Career Completions:                            1,527

Career 300-Yard Games:                      36

Career 4,000-Yard Seasons:                3


Detractors will mention Keenum’s sixth year of eligibility and he did play three games last season before suffering a devastating knee injury, however his 48 career games played arefewer than collegiate standouts, Kellen Moore (Boise State) and Colt McCoy (Texas). Moore played his 50thcareer game on Saturday, while McCoy played 53 career games at Texas from 2006-09.


The Heisman Trophy is a seasonal award and no player has been better than Keenum in 2011. He leads the country in a number of passing categories and ranks among the Top Five in:


Passing Yardage                                             4,269                       1st

Passing Yards Per Game                               388.1                       1st

TouchdownPasses                                       38                              1st

Touchdown-to-Interception Ratio             38-to-3                    1st

Yards Per Attempt                                         10.1                          2nd

Completion Percentage                                73.4                          2nd

Quarterback Rating                                       186.9                       2nd


While Keenum leads the nation in passing yards and touchdowns, he ranks 15th nationally in attempts, so his success throwing the ball far out-weighs his throwing opportunities.


One more thing about Keenum… He has helped this 2011 Houston club to a No. 2 ranking all-time in total offense … This year’s team is averaging 618.3 yards per game, which is just behind the 625 yards per game averaged by the 1989 Houston Cougars. Not to be lost on that offense is a balanced rushing attack that is averaging 170.8 yards per game.


So as we head into the final weeks of the regular season, please consider Houston’s Case Keenum on your various ballots, including the 2011 Heisman Trophy.

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5 Responses to Houston’s Heisman Case For Case Keenum

  1. Really..not even close. November 21, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    Because everyone else is not as good as Case.

    I mean, this guy has done everything he could possibly do to win the Heisman. No one has ever done what he has. It should be enough.

  2. AUman76 November 21, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    He’s good against bad teams. I’ve always liked Houston and think they would be a good fit
    for the big12-2. All offense and no defense is the mark of that conference so the Cougars
    should fit right in and their QB’s could still run up big numbers against piss poor defenses.
    Take a look at Hawaii and guys like Timmy Chang when he faced a real defense. That’s why
    a conference USA player won’t win a Heisman. Not fair but true.
    A lot of people think he’s another system QB but I believe he will succeed in the NFL. He would
    be good even in the SEC but his #’s would be much different, as in lower. Maybe the big12-2 will
    wise up and invite Houston into it’s fold but they gotta ask big bully Texas first!

  3. Robert Clark November 22, 2011 at 6:27 am #

    Case is a winner. We think he is magical the way he leads his team to victory but hundreds if not thousands of hours of preparation go into it. I would say Case knows more about what a defense will do on a play as he surveys the opposition pre-snap than many quarterbacks know after the play has occurred. Case calls for any change of plays after surveying the defense unlike many schools where the whole team looks over to the sidelines to see what the coach thinks should be called. Why, because of preparation, intelligence and love for the game.

    As a quarterback he is insanely accurate, throws tremendously catchable balls placed just right to allow for maximum gain by the receivers after the catch. When receivers are confident that the ball will be put where they can catch it, they can expand their thinking to the next parts of the play such as making the first down or making a tackler miss.

    Case has had the opportunity in recent games to show his escapability. He is nimble, strong, and always looking downfield when a play breaks down. He is also fearless. Only making the play is on his mind when the pocket collapses unlike some qb’s who are more concerned about getting crunched. The competitor in Case makes that not even in his thought process.

    Case throws tremendously well on the run. He also can throw every type of pass. Check out the 15 yard bullet against SMU to fit in a first down throw between two closing defenders on an important 3rd down as well as a perfect arcing wheel route 35 yard gain at a different point. He can get rid of the ball in a flash if he sees the opening.

    Case is a great leader and a great football leader. I make the differentiation because Case is a great young man and leader whether he is good at football or not. A great football leader has to have the football skills to back up those other great character traits. Case does. When he is in the huddle the team simply believes with no doubt that they will score on the drive, or make the 4th down for a first down. He is calm and confident. He cares about the team first.

    Case is the best College Football Player in 2011. Watch the next, (hopefully), two weeks and see these attributes for yourselves.

  4. GT Class of '76 November 22, 2011 at 7:48 am #

    Until proven otherwise, Case is a POP-GUN system QB, in the mold of Timmy Chang.

    No trip to New York City for Case.

  5. Tex1 November 25, 2011 at 2:29 am #

    The only one that deserves the award is #7, Case Keenum! The rest isn’t good enough to hold Case’s jockstrap! It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a beat up Chevy in a street race! No comparison!

    The other guys are in the discussion because of their association with those bloated universities! Case Keenum gets there because of his talents and the once-in-a-million-years stats he produces!

    Tell me which one is a better mark of excellence and should earn the right to hoist the trophy? The ones who are there simply because of big-name school association or the one who outproduces everybody in a way that has never been seen before and probably will never be seen again?

    Anybody with half a brain and an ounce of honesty can see who is the obvious choice! There is no other Case like Case Keenum!

    Whose House?