Keenum Lays Down His Marker

Case Keenum struck the first blow on what is shaping up to be a momentous Heisman weekend.

The Houston quarterback threw for 457 yards and 5 touchdowns (with no picks) as the Cougars moved to 12-0 on the season with a 48-16 win over Tulsa.

Keenum now has 4,726 yards, 43 TD passes and just three interceptions on the season. His numbers are truly astounding. Now, it is up to voters to figure out exactly what they mean.

Can he get to New York at this point?

I think his chances are improving, but it may depend on what Trent Richardson does against Auburn on Saturday.

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One Response to Keenum Lays Down His Marker

  1. Craig November 27, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    Now it’s up to voters to figure out what his numbers mean???? THEY MEAN HE’S THE BEST PLAYER IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. WTF?

    Keenum has thrown an interception every 155 pass attempts while Luck has thrown one every 41 pass attempts.

    Keenum is undefeated. No other Heisman candidate is.

    Let’s compare common opponents:
    vs Tulsa:
    Keenum-33/46 457yds 5tds 0ints
    Weeden-29/39 369yds 3tds 2ints
    Moore-23/29 279yds 4tds 0ints

    vs Rice:
    Keenum- 24/37 534yds 9tds 1int
    Griffin- 29/33 338yds 5tds 0ints

    This competition is not even close. I can’t fathom how Keenum isn’t the runaway winner.