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I was thinking last night about how amazing it would be to have a Heisman winner from a school from the state of Alabama for the third year in a row. It would certainly be the first time that the Heisman winner came from a school in the same state for that many years running.

It piqued my interest in a little Heisman trivia, so I decided to have a look at which states produced the most Heisman winners. Here is the count:

Heisman winners by state (or country) of birth
California — 14
Ohio — 9
Texas, Pennsylvania — 6
Georgia, Oklahoma — 4
Minnesota, New Jersey — 3
Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Massachussetts, Florida, Nebraska, Alabama — 2
South Carolina, New York, Maryland, Mississippi, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, Illinois, Louisiana — 1

Other Countries
The Phillipines

This year’s candidates (place of birth)
Andrew Luck — Washington D.C.
Robert Griffin III — Japan
Trent Richardson — Florida
Montee Ball — Missouri
Matt Barkley — California
Case Keenum — Texas

If Luck wins the Heisman, he will be the first winner born in the District of Columbia. Griffin III would be the third winner born outside the country (along with Tim Tebow and Frank Sinkwich) and Richardson would be Florida’s third winner.

John Heisman himself? He was born in Cleveland, OH.

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