The Other Awards: Who Will Win, Who Should Win

The Heisman presentation is a few days away, but tonight the rest of the college football awards will be given out in Orlando.

Here are the awards and their finalists. I’ll pick who I think will win and who should win:

Maxwell Award (College Player of the Year)
Andrew Luck
Kellen Moore
Trent Richardson

Who will win: Andrew Luck
Who should win: Andrew Luck

Comment: In any other year, Luck wins the Heisman. The Maxwell will provide some consolation.

Davey O’Brien Award (Top Quarterback)
Robert Griffin III
Case Keenum
Andrew Luck

Who will win: Andrew Luck
Who should win: Andrew Luck

Comment: Luck really is the prototype at his position and could probably shine in any type of system, which is why he gets the nod here.

Bednarik Award (Top Defensive Player)
Dont’a Hightower
Tyrann Mathieu
Devon Still

Who will win: Tyrann Mathieu
Who should win: Tyrann Mathieu

Comment: No defensive player mattered more this year or made more of an impact on the national title race than Mathieu.

Biletnikoff Award (Top Receiver)
Justin Blackmon
Ryan Broyles
Robert Woods

Who will win: Justin Blackmon
Who should win: Robert Woods

Comment: Woods carried a resurgent USC team for much of the year, breaking the Pac-12 reception record in the process.

Outland Trophy (Top Interior Lineman)
David DiCastro
Devon Still
Barrett Jones

Who will win: Barrett Jones
Who should win: Devon Still

Comment: The only bright spot for the Nittany Lions this year had 17 tackles for loss as an interior tackle.

Jim Thorpe Award (Top Defensive Back)
David Amerson
Mark Barron
Morris Claiborne

Who will win: Morris Claiborne
Who should win: Morris Claiborne

Comment: When you are the best cover corner in a secondary that includes Tyrann Mathieu, you are pretty darn good.

Doak Walker Award (Top Running Back)
Montee Ball
LaMichael James
Trent Richardson

Who will win: Trent Richardson
Who should win: Montee Ball

Comment: If scoring 38 touchdowns doesn’t merit some kind of award, I don’t know what does.

Mackey Award (Top Tight End)
Dwayne Allen
Orson Charles
Tyler Eifert

Who will win: Dwayne Allen
Who should win: Dwayne Allen

Comment: The athletic Allen was one of the featured weapons in Clemson’s high-powered offense.

Nagurski Award (Top Defender)
Mark Barron
Whitney Mercilus
Devon Still
Luke Kuechly
Morris Claiborne

Who will win: Luke Kuechly
Who should win: Luke Kuechly

Comment: The tackle machine already has the Lombardi and Butkus Award. He deserves this one, too.

Those are my picks. Agree?  Disagree? Sound off in the comments section below.

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11 Responses to The Other Awards: Who Will Win, Who Should Win

  1. darren lee December 8, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    It’s unofficially ‘official’ that RGIII wins the Heisman trophy according to stiffarmtrophy. getting 71% of vote…..btw, i think RGIII will win the Maxwell Award too.

  2. darren lee December 8, 2011 at 11:28 am #

    oops…i meant Davey O Brien

  3. Bruce December 8, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    I still don’t understand how Coby Fleener wasn’t nominated for best TE. At Stanford he is not only the top tight end out of the three (!) starters, but he is the is the best overall receiver as well. He is pretty much the only option Luck has downfield.

  4. ccard December 8, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    Maybe not as prestigious as the Maxwell or Heisman, but Luck won the Walter Camp Award for the college football player of the year. The award is voted on by head coaches and SIDs from the 120 FBS schools (and not a bunch of lemmings. . . .). Congrats to Andrew.

  5. Bud Smelling December 8, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    What a pile of dog do. That Robert Griffin the Turd declared himself winner of the Heisman following his last game ought to disqualify him from consideration. The award has a behavioral good citizen element that doesn’t jibe with “I’m the greatest” sorts of expressions. Fuck Robert Griffin the Turd what a total jackass…..also, I wish you so called Heisman experts would just shut the fuck up and same with ESPN. You all taint the waters. Have a nice day.

    • Good Citizen December 9, 2011 at 12:21 am #

      Bet your Mom’s proud of that sewer mouth of yours. By the way, Griffen didn’t allude to greatness, he just stated his belief. Not only was nothing wrong in that, but apparently, he was right.

    • AKW December 9, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

      Bud Smelling? It’s truly a shame you do not know Robert Griffin III, that you probably soent all of zero minutes watching him play; therefore, you find yourself the judge and jury ready to discredit his abilities due to a comment he made that YOU did not have a clue as to its meaning? For your lack of information, let me and any other Bear on this site help clarify things for you. RGIII, as his loyal fans know him by, is the most selfless collegiate athlete. hands down, no question. RG gives all his credit for success to his teammates and to God. he did not “declare” himself the winner. he simply said, as did his coach, that he felt BAYLOR had won its 1st Heisman. he did NOT say he felt that HE did enough to earn it. he said BAYLOR, the TEAM, did what they needed to do in order to warrant winning that award. before you go embarrassing yourself misquoting people, you might wanna spent 30 seconds watching that video of RG . In addition, I will point out to YOU that he was asked a specific and very leading question. if YOU had been asked that question, I am sure you would have credited the success of the season to yourself. Had you spent less time judging a man you know not one iota about, and more time watching him instead of, I am sure, boring ole Luck, then you’d be more informed and would look less idiotic than you do now. RG will NOT win the Heisman as this site projected. The site could not even get the O’Brien award right, let alone the Heisman. I say RG will not win because the establishment chose boring, goolden boy Luck before the season began; they will stick to their choice regardless of the truth, who the REAL winner should be based on the meaning of the award. Now before you continue spreading rumors and continue misquoting Robery Griffin III, please go watch his interview, then Baylor Nation will gladly accept your apologies for being so moronic.

    • AKW December 9, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

      Wow! I stopped reading your post at the end of period #1, but wow! What a lovely and classy mouth you have MR TURD! Do you kiss your mother with that foul, disgusting mouth???? Yikes! And YOU judge RGIII? Okay, I clearly wasted my energy replying to your post initially, because people such as yourself, who spit out the F bomb and call people you do not know a THING about TURDS? Well, you are not worth the toilet paper it takes to rid oneself of their turds! U should crawl back under your rock and do something you know how to do – be a nasty, foul, judgmental nobody.

  6. Bud Smelling December 9, 2011 at 6:47 am #

    Whatever asshole. Youre full of shit and your lame projection will be wrong this year. As you know it’s inevitable that at some point your collection of scruplesssss and media hungry heisman voters will make the collective mistake of falling for what ESPN is advertising at a time when the rest of the country sees things properly. Ahhhhh how sweet it’s gonna be.

  7. RC December 9, 2011 at 1:15 pm #

    What’s funny is that as soon as anyone with common sense reads your profane post it suddenly becomes irrelevant. We all have opinions about the voting process, biases, and flavor of the week concept behind the award – but it is the way it goes.

    I have been posting in Luck’s favor all year, not only as a fan, but also as a lover of college football and the integrity of the sport. In my opinion I still believe Luck should have won, but RGIII did play great and is a great kid and student. Hats off to him should he receive the prize. Luck will be fine in the NFL like other runner ups before him – Manning, Young and Elway. It does suck to be a Stanford fan and live with three straight years of runner ups. Maybe one of these days Stanford will get the respect of being a great program with excellence demanded in academics.

    Until next year…….

  8. Bob Morgan December 10, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    I notice you don’t believe Alabama players deserve any of the awards. Winning, winning – ever winning. How do we do it with such underserving players? I’m going to email the coaching staff now: “Sirs, we must lose more games, at least three or four, to win awards. The Heisman Highbrow says so.”