Some more 2011 Heisman stats

Still recovering from the rush of Heisman weekend.  I’ll have a full post-mortem on the race in the next day or two. In the meantime, here are some more stats from the 2011 Heisman vote:

Percentage of ballots on which the top 5 were named:

Robert Griffin III 80%
Andrew Luck 75%
Trent Richardson 56%
Montee Ball 25%
Tyrann Mathieu 22%

By comparison:

–2010 winner Cam Newton was named on 88% of the ballots tabulated. Andrew Luck, who finished 2nd last year, was on 69% of ballots cast in 2010.

— The five finalists received 89% of the total points tabulated. In 2010, when there were only four finalists, the finalists received 92% of the points tabulated.

Percentage of ballots received by week:

Week 1 – 2%
Week 2 – 18%
Week 3 – 80%

Number of players receiving votes, by place:
First – 12 players
Second – 17
Third – 28
Total players receiving votes – 30
(Last year, 47 players received votes)

Number of ballots received and tabulated — 885 of 927 (95.5%)

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One Response to Some more 2011 Heisman stats

  1. Robert Cole January 4, 2012 at 7:32 pm #

    i have heard that both griffin and luck did not appear in the top three on a number of ballots…thus to me it seems that some voters do not meet a criteria of voting for the most outstanding player if they missed voting for one of those two players. therefore, i would propose (1) that a ballot that does not contain both of the players receiving the most votes should not be counted and (2) a voter who does not vote for both of the top two vote getters lose the privilege of voting since that voter seems oblivious (my choice of word) to the top players