Could Tajh Boyd win the Heisman?

For 11 of the last 12 years a quarterback has won the Heisman. Tajh Boyd is a quarterback.

Boyd is one of the most talented players returning to college football this fall and he has recently made the trophy watch list for the award.

The 22 year old Clemson player is basically the 3rd best option to win the award and he may have an advantage over current trophy holder, Johnny Manziel. Texan A and M quarterback Manziel is a favourite again this year, but since the awards inception in 1935 only one player has received the accolade twice. Ohio States Archie Griffin is the only player to have hoisted the trophy two years in a row and in 1974 and 75 he made history by doing so. If Manziel were to equal his record it would be tantamount to winning the jackpot at a top online casino like

2nd best option Braxton Miller may be Boyd’s real completion for the award, but he needs to improve his record as a passer in order to truly be a threat. Since the Heisman is only awarded in December he does have some time to iron this out and become more of a serious contender. However it will be tough work finding a quarterback who has been as consistent as Boyd has over the past 2 seasons. In 2012 he soared to new heights, completing 67.2 of his 427 pass attempts and over the past 2 years he has thrown 69 touchdown passes.

Boyd has a never-say-die attitude that has seen him get sacked 62 times in the last two seasons, getting up every time. He hands down beats Maziel in the touchdown and passing competitions as he has had 10 more touchdowns and almost 200 more passing yards than the current trophy holder. Boyd has also had 48 passing plays in the last season, whilst no other quarterback had more than 48. Big numbers and big plays draw heavy interest from the award voters and it’s these stats that have made Boyd a serious contender for the Heisman.

The consistency in play and the numbers are all there, but can Clemson win the big games? A large amount of pressure is on Boyd to push Clemson through and if he can do so he is a definite Heisman contender.