Heisman Weekend Wrap Up

Braxton Miller is a beast. Probably a very tired beast.

Against the University of Central Florida, Miller did a little bit of everything…and a lot of rushing. Miller was competent through the air, completing 18 of 24 passes for 155 yards with a touchdown, but on the ground he was spectacular, rushing for 141 yards and three scores.

The running backs at Ohio State combined for 24 rushing attempts and 115 yards, but Miller attempted 27 rushes (a week after Urban Meyer told the media that Miller’s 17 rushes the week prior were too many).

LSU stud running back Kenny Hilliard hasn’t had his number called 27 times all year!

Miller looks fantastic so far this season (against suspect competition) but the main question that arises is whether he can handle this workload through out the Big Ten conference slate.

Another Big Ten quarterback, Denard Robinson, had a breakout beginning to a season a couple years ago but was hampered by minor injuries and shake-ups due to the hits he was taking from running the ball. Miller could learn a thing or two from his chief rival.

Speaking of the Wolverines, their defense will be ready for a talent like Miller after practicing against ‘Shoelace’ all season. Denard might have to serve as the scout team quarterback that week.

Miller wasn’t the only quarter back who found the end zone three times on the ground. Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein also scored three times but did it in a far more workmanlike fashion (22 carries 71 yards). Klein and the Wildcats have quietly averaged 51.5 points through the first two games and, with North Texas coming to Manhattan on Saturday, expect that number to rise.

Quick Hits

–The jury is still out on the strength of Pac-12 but week two sure helped the quiet the naysayers. Week three sends Cal to Ohio State and Utah has to face BYU.

— Apropos of the previous quick hit, Sacramento State is 2-0 against the Pac-12 in the last two years.

–Michigan State is the Big Ten’s last realistic hope for national championship representation. The only other undefeated (bowl eligible) teams in the Big Ten? Northwestern, Indiana and Minnesota.

Munchie Legaux is a lot of fun to watch (and say) but his name makes me wish he played at LSU.

— San Diego State was back to kicking extra points and punting the ball against Army. The one game experiment went poorly for the Aztecs in week one when they failed two two-point conversions and were stuffed on a fourth down.

Matt Barkley tied his own school record of six touchdown passes but had somewhat of an off week in a game that was delayed for nearly an hour due to weather.


–Pittsburgh is in trouble. The Panthers suffered two ugly losses, they are shoddy in all three phases and this week they welcome in Virginia Tech. (Gardner Webb is the week four opponent).

–Two quarterbacks have thrown for over 790 yards this season. Both of them are 0-2 (Ryan Nassib of Syracuse and David Piland of Houston)

–The Big East announced that a name change might be nigh in the near future and then said that the name is staying. San Diego State will be in the Big EAST next season.

–A wide receiver from Clemson named Sammy Watkins returns from a two game suspension this week and the Furman Paladins are not happy to hear this.

Brett Hundley is really exciting to watch.

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4 Responses to Heisman Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Josh September 10, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    what about Johnathan Franklin? You asked in previous article if he could replicate his week 1 heroics, and not only did he replicate them, he outdid them against a ranked opponent and now leads the country in rushing! He’s averaging over 10 yards a carry!

  2. Heisman Pundit Jr. September 10, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    Franklin looked great on Saturday, but seeing Hundley put that team on his back was thrilling to see. Answering last week’s questions: Franklin repeated, Martinez not so much, Mora has the team clicking, Too bad for Burkhead, and yes there were more Husker fans than Bruins at the Rose Bowl.

    • Josh September 10, 2012 at 12:52 pm #

      Nah… no doubt there were a lot of Husker fans there, but it was more like 60/40, at least from where I was sitting on the west side it looked that way.

      The Huskers did travel extremely well though, better than any team I’ve seen outside of USC.

  3. Pat Maginnis September 11, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    Thanks for being both conscious of our latest possible SuperStar Johnathan Franklin and skepitcal of UCLA and its past. We blew #1 in 1998 in Miami in a muffed call by the Big East officials. I am old enough to have watched Gary Beban, Anthony Davis, Steve Owens, Troy Aikman, Jamelle Holieway, Archie Griffin and many others. UCLA has blown so many Heisman winners and National Championships with the worst athletic department in the USA, and no stadium on campus. UCLA has the easiest schedule in the USA. Sagarin knows that. Let’s see if the Beavers can produce. I remember one cold day in Corvallis in the Beaver mud when OJ Simpson could not score one point, and USC lost to OSU 3-0. He still won the Heisman and the national championship under the best coach in the world– John McKay. Bravo, and I hope Johnathan is up to the Heisman this year.