How the Heisman Regions are Shaping Up

Don’t forget that the battle for the Heisman boils down to what voters decide in six different geographic regions. There is the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the South, the Mid-West, the Southwest and the Far West. Each region has 145 media voters for a total of 870 media votes. Additionally, there are 55 former winners who have a vote and then there is one fan vote, which brings the size of the overall Heisman electorate to 926 voters.

So how would the regions break down if the vote was held today?

I think something like this:

Far West: (1) De’Anthony Thomas (2) Geno Smith (3) Johnathan Franklin

Southwest: (1) Geno Smith (2) Collin Klein (3) De’Anthony Thomas

Mid-West: (1) Geno Smith (2) Braxton Miller (3) Manti Te’o

South: (1) EJ Manuel (2) Geno Smith (3) Aaron Murray

Mid-Atlantic: (1) Geno Smith (2) EJ Manuel (3) De’Anthony Thomas

Northeast: (1) Geno Smith (2) De’Anthony Thomas (3) Manti Te’o

Smith would win handily if the vote was held today, helped in large part by his high-profile presence in both the Mid-Atlantic and the Southwest regions (a unique phenomenon I talked about in the preseason).

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