Look out for Manziel and Colter

The highlight of any Saturday for me these days is when I get to watch Northwestern and Texas A&M play. That’s because I get to indulge my man crushes on two of the most exciting players in the game: Johnny Manziel and Kain Colter.

Lest we get too caught up in numbers, I maintain that what makes these guys special is not so much what they do, buthow they do it.

But A&M’s Manziel has been stupendous so far this season. He has completed 70 percent of his passes for 1,094 yards and 10 touchdowns, with no interceptions, in his first four games. He has also rushed for 366 yards and six scores. I mean, I don’t think a freshman can ever win the Heisman. But if this guy keeps it up, he might get to New York as a finalist. He’s on pace for 3,276 passing yards, 1,100 rushing yards and 48 total touchdowns. He had 557 yards of total offense against Arkansas. That’s just sick.

Not as sick as the way he does it. He’s plays the game like his hair is on fire. He ran something like 80 yards to gain 52 on one play against the Hogs on Saturday, running backwards part of the time. Somehow, it all winds up spectacular.

Meanwhile, Colter does it all. He lines up at quarterback for Northwestern, picks up big yards on the ground (and occasionally does well through the air) and then splits wide and plays at a high level as a wide receiver. Against Indiana on Saturday, he rushed for 161 yards and four touchdowns and caught nine passes for 131 yards. He’s the heart and soul of a Wildcats team that is one of the surprises in the Big Ten this year.

Colter plays the game so effortlessly and with such intelligence, it’s no wonder that Pat Fitzgerald wants to use him everywhere on the field. I’m surprised he doesn’t pass out due to exhaustion. Few players in college football could handle all those responsibilities the way he does, and with such flair.

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