Picking This Week’s Games

The picks are in. HP is now 26-24 on the season and I’m going for my 5th week in a row of going 5-5 (season total 21-22).

HP’s picks:

Clemson (-10.5) vs. Georgia Tech

Northwestern (+2.5) at Penn State

Texas A&M (-13) at Mississippi

Washington (+24) at Oregon

Georgia (+1.5) at South Carolina

West Virginia (+7) at Texas

Iowa State (+7) at TCU

Michigan (-3) at Purdue

Southern Miss (+10) vs. Boise State

Miami (+14) at Notre Dame

Now mine:

Michigan State (-15.5) at Indiana

Boston College (-8) at Army

Northwestern (+2.5) at Penn State

TCU (-7) vs Iowa State

Oklahoma (-4) @ Texas Tech

Florida (+3) vs LSU

Michigan (-3) at Purdue

Georgia (+1.5) at South Carolina

Florida State (-16.5) at NC State

West Virginia (+7) at Texas

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One Response to Picking This Week’s Games

  1. Steve K October 7, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    Yikes! Proof gambling is hard.