Geno’s assault on the record books

Just to put some things into perspective, here’s a list of the NCAA records that are within Geno Smith’s reach this season:

Most touchdown passes: 58, by Colt Brennan of Hawaii in 2006.

Brennan set this record in 14 games. Smith won’t play more than 13, but he’s on pace for 62, anyway.

Highest completion percentage: 76.7 percent, by Colt McCoy of Texas in 2008.

Smith is currently at 81.4 percent.

Highest yards per attempt: 11.1, by Ty Detmer of BYU in 1989.

Smith has some work to do here. He’s currently at 9.8.

Most consecutive passes in a season without an interception: 271, by Trent Dilfer of Fresno State in 1993.

Smith is currently at 204 pass attempts without a pick to start the season, so 68 to go.

Most consecutive passes without an interception (career): 379, by Russell Wilson of NC State in 2008-2009.

Smith is currently at 259 passes without a pick dating to last year, so he has 121 to go to break Wilson’s mark.

Lowest percentage of passes intercepted in a season (min. 350 att): .70 percent, by Kellen Moore of Boise State in 2009 (3 in 431 attempts).

Obviously, Smith has a 0-percent rate at the moment. But he’s on pace for about 533 attempts, which means if he throws four interceptions, he’ll probably break Moore’s mark.

Highest percentage of passes thrown for touchdowns (min. 375 att): 11.5 percent, by Jim McMahon of BYU in 1980.

Smith is currently at 11.7 percent.

Highest pass efficiency rating points, sesaon: 191.78, by Russell Wilson of Wisconsin in 2011.

Smith is currently at 202.38

Most touchdown passes in a season, same passer and receiver: 26, Tim Rattay and Troy Edwards of Louisiana Tech in 1998.

Through five games, Stedman Bailey has grabbed 13 touchdown passes from Smith.

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