Picking This Week’s Games

Oh what a week can do. After 100 games picked (or 94 in my case) both HP and I are over .500. HP had a blowout week going 8-2 to improve to 51-48-1. I had a second consecutive 6-4 week to move to 47-46. To the picks.

My picks first:

Miami +1 at Virginia

South Carolina -13.5 vs Arkansas

Arizona -29 vs Colorado

Oregon State +4 at Stanford

Baylor +21.5 at Oklahoma

Georgia -14.5 at Auburn

Boise State at Hawaii OVER 52

Notre Dame -19 at Boston College

Washington +1.5 vs Utah

Wisconsin -7.5 at Indiana

Now HP:

Northwestern (+10) at Michigan

Clemson (-32) vs. Maryland

Mississippi (-3) vs. Vanderbilt

Texas A&M (+14) at Alabama

Georgia (-15.5) at Auburn

Arizona State (+9.5) at USC

Washington (+1) vs. Utah

UCLA (-16) at Washington State

Oregon State (+4.5) at Stanford

Kansas State (-7) at TCU

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