Wide receivers and the Heisman

Depending on how Marqise Lee finishes, he could join an elite group of receivers who have made it to New York as Heisman finalists.

Here are the wide receivers who have finished in the top five in the voting in Heisman history:

Justin Blackmon, 2010, 5th
Michael Crabtree, 2008, 5th
Larry Fitzgerald, 2003, 2nd*
Randy Moss, 1997, 4th*
David Palmer, 1993, 3rd*
Desmond Howard, 1991, 1st*
Raghib Ismail, 1990, 2nd*
Tim Brown, 1987, 1st*
Anthony Carter, 1982, 4th
Howard Twillery, 1965, 2nd
Jack Snow, 1964, 5th
Tom McDonald, 1956, 3rd
Bill McColl, 1951, 4th
Leon Hart, 1949, 1st
Larry Kelley, 1936, 1st

* — traveled to NY as finalists.

As you can see, only five receivers have been invited to the Heisman ceremony (1981 was the first year it was televised, so the practice of inviting finalists is relatively new). Outside of Larry Fitzgerald in 2003, most of the receivers who did well in the vote were also all-purpose dynamos. That bodes well for Lee’s chances since he is currently second nationally in all-purpose yardage.

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