Heisman History: Terry Baker

I was looking back on 1962 Heisman winner Terry Baker of Oregon State this morning when I stumbled upon a Sports Illustrated article published in 1961. Here is the opening paragraph:

In an era of specialization, when few college undergraduates have time or energy to devote themselves to more than one campus activity, Terry Baker, a gaunt 20-year-old who plays quarterback for Oregon State University is that rare thing—the all-round man. Last year Baker, as a sophomore, was selected by both the Associated Pressand UPI as a first-team All-Coast back after setting an Oregon State total offense record of 1,473 yards. He is one of the best basketball players in the college, having averaged 17.8 points a game during his freshman year. Moreover, before he reached college. Baker pitched the Jefferson High School baseball team of Portland to the state championship. He is majoring in mechanical engineering, one of the toughest courses at Oregon State, and he has a scholastic average just under Phi Beta Kappa level. Although only in his junior year, Baker is the president of his Phi Delta Theta fraternity, an honor always previously reserved for seniors. In recent years probably only Army’s Pete Dawkins, whom Baker resembles, was a finer athlete, scholar and leader.

Baker, as the cover story in SI

The article is a fascinating look into the life of an early 1960’s dual sport student athlete (emphasis on student) that would go on to win the Heisman, play in the NCAA Final Four and be drafted as the first overall selection in the 1963 NFL draft (all three events took place within five months).

Baker on the 1962-63 Oregon State Basketball Team

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