Final Heisman prediction: Breaking down the vote

Happy Heisman eve, everyone.

By this time on Sunday, the 78th Heisman winner will still be recovering from a night of well-deserved celebration and festivities in the Big Apple.

But who is that winner going to be and what will be the shape of his win?

Here’s my prediction of the totals on the night before the ceremony:

The order of finish

1. Johnny Manziel

2. Manti Te’o

3. Collin Klein

4. Braxton Miller

5. Marqise Lee

6. AJ McCarron

7. Jordan Lynch

8. Jarvis Jones

9. Kenjon Barner

10. Tavon Austin

Point totals

Many are predicting a landslide for Manziel, but I think it’ll be a comfortable-but-not-too-close win on the order of the margin by which Gino Torretta won in 1992:

Manziel — 1,900 points

Te’o — 1,500 points

Klein — 1,000 points

Braxton Miller — 250 points

Marqise Lee — 180 points

The Regions

The Heisman electorate is divided into six different regions. Here’s how I see the top 3 falling in each of them:

The South — (1) Manziel (2) Klein (3) Te’o

The Southwest — (1) Manziel (2) Klein (3) Te’o

The Midwest — (1) Te’o (2) Manziel (3) Miller

The Far West — (1) Manziel (2) Te’o (3) Lee

The Mid-Atlantic — (1) Manziel (2) Te’o (3) Klein

The Northeast — (1) Manziel (2) Te’o (3) Klein

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