Total touchdowns and the Heisman

On Wednesday we posted about total offense and its correlation to Heisman winners. Continuing in that vein, here are the highest total touchdown seasons for Heisman winners, including their bowl games:

1. Tim Tebow, Florida, 2007 — 55

1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma, 2008 — 55

3. Cameron Newton, Auburn, 2010 — 50

4. Robert Griffin III, Baylor, 2011 — 47

5. Andre Ware, Houston, 1989 — 46

6. Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State, 1988 –44

7. Ty Detmer, BYU, 1990 –41

7. Jason White, Oklahoma, 2003 –41

9. Danny Wuerffel, Florida, 1996 — 39

10. Carson Palmer, USC, 2002 — 37

Eight of the 10 total touchdown leaders are also found on the total offense list posted on Wednesday (Wuerffel and Sanders were not). Not surprisingly, the last four Heisman-winning ‘Super Quarterbacks’ comprise the top four of the total touchdown list while 2009 winner Mark Ingram is not in the top 25. Barry Sanders is the only non-quarterback on the list.

Johnny Manziel’s pre-bowl game total of 43 scores would currently put him at seventh on the all time list of total touchdowns by Heisman winners but he could move into a tie for third with RG3 if he has a four touchdown game in the Cotton Bowl.

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