Les Miles and LSU do the Harlem Shake

Proving once again that the “kill switch” for the internet may be a good idea, here’s Les Miles and LSU doing the “Harlem Shake”:

Years from now, when pop culture historians look back to determine when the “Harlem Shake” phenomenon officially jumped the shark as an internet meme, they may very well point to this video. Back in my day (yeah, I sound like an old man), we had fads, too. But we didn’t see Bear Bryant doing disco. I have a feeling that if you asked the Bear to do this video, he’d kill you with a cold stare. I guess one of the appealing aspects of Miles is his lack of filter and maybe he thinks he’ll come across as approachable to the kids this way, but I personally wouldn’t respect a coach whose buffoon-meter was turned up to 11 more often than not.

And how much longer will this internet meme go on? Perhaps Unibet will give us some odds. 

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