The Round Up

What people are talking about this week when it comes to the Heisman:

Johnny Manziel will not get Mike Bianchi’s Heisman vote.

John Cappelletti, the 1973 Heisman winner, will speak to the Penn State team this weekend.

That ol’ disciplinarian Barry Switzer is the latest to blast Manziel.

SI asks what kind of role hype plays in the Heisman and college football. (A lot!)

Desmond Howard will sign autographs for Michigan fans on Saturday.

Tom Brady thinks Manziel needs to be more respectful.

When will Johnny speak? wonders the AP.

The Quad City Times said Jordan Lynch did not hurt his Heisman chances last Saturday.

Joe Flacco loves him some Johnny Football.

The Big Lead continues to propagate the fiction that no one was talking up Cam Newton or RG3 for the Heisman early (throat clearing).

RantSports is all over Teddy Bridgewater for Heisman.

RG3 has been named Washington’s starter. Sorry for the NFL news.

The Nation decided to stop thinking about politics for a second and look at CFB.

Kent State’s Dri Archer is listed as day to day.

Bridgewater tabbed as new betting favorite. Whatever.

Tajh Boyd joked about Clemson (not) running a campaign on his behalf.

He also jokingly told Dan Patrick that he was the best QB in the nation.


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