The Round Up

A big Heisman week and lots of chatter in the media about the trophy. After all, it’s November…

Former Heisman voter Kevin Sherrington cites HP quite a bit in talking about Johnny Manziel’s chances for a repeat.

Kevin Sumlin says Manziel is playing better than last year. I doubt he’d say he’s playing worse.

Tony Dorsett, the 1976 winner for Pitt, gives his tips on road tripping.

Is AJ McCarron a Heisman candidate? asks

As with the HP Straw Poll, Marcus Mariota made a slight gain in the USA Today Heisman Poll.

The Augusta Chronicle says Georgia RB Todd Gurley will ‘easily’ be a Heisman front runner in 2014.

Here’s a story about Squinston not liking to wear contact lenses during games.

A&M actually made ‘only’ $20,000 off Manziel last year.

Echoing what we wrote today, ESPN says Miller-Guiton are worthy of the Heisman.

Here’s a cool profile of 1945 winner Doc Blanchard by CBS Sports.

Bryce Petty’s calm approach is the key to Baylor’s success.

Nissan’s Heisman House tour has hit Stillwater.

Apparently, Arizona RB Ka’Deem Carey has an official Heisman site. First I’ve hear of it (hello?).

Cam Newton gave an interview on his ‘disgusting attitude’.

Charles White, Archie Griffin and Jim Plunkett were named finalists for the Rose Bowl’s all-century team.

Jake Curtis of the SF Chronicle writes about the history of long shot Heisman candidates.

Could Manziel end up at the Eagles with Chip Kelly next year?

Hey, Collin Klein was great, but someone should tell the St. John’s, Kansas paper that he didn’t win the Heisman last year.

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