Touchdown efficiency

There’s a been a lot of talk lately about which Heisman candidate has the best stats, but most of the arguments are skewed by the disparity the candidates have in games played and total plays run.

If you look how many plays it takes for each candidate to produce a touchdown (either running or passing), however, here’s how they rank:

1. Bryce Petty – 1 out of 8.41

2. Jameis Winston — 1 out of 10.29

3. Marcus Mariota — 1 out of 10.32

4. Johnny Manziel — 1 out of 10.89

5. AJ McCarron — 1 out of 13.33

6. Tajh Boyd — 1 out of 13.53

7. Jordan Lynch — 1 out of 13.80

8. Teddy Bridgewater — 1 out of 14.58

9. Derek Carr — 1 out of 14.59

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One Response to Touchdown efficiency

  1. TJ Gonzalez November 21, 2013 at 12:41 pm #

    You keep bringing up character as an issue when comparing the now flen Winston to Manziel. but this is the most ludicrous comparison to make. How can you even begin to compare a potential rape allegation to signed autographs… are pathetic sir!