The round up

Here is the latest on the Heisman race…

The prosecutor in the Winston investigation promises he will be thorough.

This writer says this is not the time to give the Heisman to Winston.

Aaron Murray has at least one vote as the result of the Winston situation.

Tim Tebow’s next stop might be as a college football analyst.

This voter still doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

This voters says Winston remains the only choice.

This Chicago voter is picking Jordan Lynch.

HP gets quoted in this story from the Tampa Bay Times.

In case you didn’t figure it out by now, there’s a lot of uncertainty in this year’s race.

Why not Connor Shaw for Heisman? says Connor Shaw’s coach.

Why not Nick Marshall for Heisman? says Nick Marshall’s coach.

Andre Williams is clearly the most deserving, says Andre Williams’ coach.

This voter has Winston No. 1 but if he is charged, he won’t be.

Someone believes AJ McCarron will win the Heisman because he has integrity.

Here’s a breakdown of the race by’s Chip Patterson.

Sports Illustrated’s latest Heisman Watch has Bryce Petty No. 3.

Here’s a column about the Heisman that decries all the talk about the Heisman.

And here’s what they are saying on Twitter:


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