Whither the Heisman race now?

As a result of Thursday’s decision regarding Jameis Winston, the Heisman Trust avoided a nightmare scenario, namely the possibility that one of the finalists might’ve had a felony charge attached to his name heading into the trophy ceremony.

That’s no longer an issue, so we can now get back to the business of crowning this year’s winner.

I called the race on Monday and, to no surprise, it will be Winston (barring a total collapse by him and his team against Duke on Saturday, of course).

While I doubt his final margin of victory will be among the top 10 landslides in Heisman history, I do believe Winston will win quite comfortably. He should capture at least five of the six regions and could possibly sweep all six. I envision his point total and margin being something similar to Doug Flutie’s in 1984 or Barry Sanders’ in 1988.

He’ll become the second-straight redshirt freshman to win the award and the youngest winner in Heisman history at 19 years, 342 days, beating out Mark Ingram (who won it as a true sophomore) by 14 days.

There are still games to be played and one more HeismanPundit Straw Poll to go, so we’ll have a better idea on the finalists and the overall breakdown of the race by Sunday.

In the meantime, FSU is about to gets its third Heisman, and on the 20th anniversary of its first, no less.

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