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No. 1 Rule for NFL Prospects During the Draft Process: Don’t Get in Trouble

For NFL prospects hoping to hear their names called on draft day, the worst thing they can do to hurt their draft stock is get into trouble off the field. Over the weekend, former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott got arrested and charged with a DUI, and NFL online sportsbook odds have him dropping to the later rounds of the draft.

Before his arrest, Prescott was an intriguing prospect a lot of NFL teams were looking at because of his leadership skills and character. With the arrest, his character is going to come into question because it will be difficult for teams to know if this was an isolated incident or something that is likely to occur again.

At Mississippi State, Prescott was one of four players in FBS history to throw more than 70 touchdowns and run for 40 more. He finished his career as one of the most accomplished quarterbacks to come out of the SEC. Prescott also performed well at the Senior Bowl, and was projected as a top 100 pick.

Prescott released a statement apologizing for his actions and promised to learn from the ordeal. Prescott also promised to use better judgment in the future.

While the DUI arrest will be a factor when it comes to Prescott’s draft position, it likely won’t affect his stock too much because it was his first offense of this kind, and he has built up some goodwill with some of the NFL teams during the draft combine.

Prescott is also well liked and respected by his teammates and coaches, so his arrest will likely be seen as a fluke incident that won’t happen again.

Even though most experts believe Prescott’s arrest won’t have too negative an impact on his draft stock, you have to remember that not all teams will be willing to sweep it under the rug.

As a quarterback, Prescott will be relied on to lead his team to victory, and some teams may feel his arrest shows terrible decision making. Some teams like the Cleveland Browns might not want to deal with off the field distractions after their experience with Johnny Manziel, and not draft him, even though they need a quarterback.

As expected, Prescott’s former teammates and coaches have rallied to his defense, and the consensus if that he made a mistake, but it doesn’t define who he is.

Prescott is a very talented player and was impressive during the combine and at the Mississippi State pro day. He will be hoping that the teams he impressed during those workouts will be able to overlook his arrest.

With the NFL Draft coming up in April, Prescott will be asked about the arrest by every team official he speaks to, and would have to be completely honest with the team officials to assure them it won’t happen if he is drafted.

With the NFL under attack due to the behavior of some of the players in the league, teams are wary about drafting players with character issues. Since this is Prescott’s first offense, it is unlikely that a lot of teams will hold it against him. However, since the NFL is a business, the arrest will cost Prescott financially, especially if he drops in the draft.


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Teams That Will Surprise Bettors This College Football Season

The college football season came to wraps a few weeks ago, where we saw Alabama knock off Clemson in a shootout (45-40). This year we’ll see many of the same teams we saw last year competing for the title once again at the top of the rankings. Clemson is likely to return as a top contender, and although Alabama is losing a lot of players, they’re still heavily favored as well. Other top teams like Ohio State, Michigan State, Baylor, and Oklahoma will all be returning as well with top-heavy teams. Here are a few teams that might surprise fans or online sportsbooks like MyBookie this college football season.

#1: Ohio State:

It’s no surprise, but I think Ohio State should be one of the most favored teams in all of college football. The Buckeyes are coming off a season where they struggled a bit, but still ended up winning their bowl game against Michigan in dominant fashion. This year their quarterback woes should be figured out, and their defense should still be one of the best in the nation. Expect Ohio State to once again compete with the top teams in CFB, despite their odds of 15-1 to win the championship right now.

#2: Michigan:

Michigan looked like a championship team, aside from their two big losses, one of which was on a punt at the end of a game against the Spartans, and of course their crazy loss to Ohio State in the last game of the year. Jim Harbaugh is an amazing coach – we can all acknowledge that. This team is going to be coming back to the top of the Big Ten yet again this year. If they can manhandle Ohio State, I think they can win the championship outright. Finding that perfect Big 10 team is difficult, but Michigan or Ohio State is a great bet at 15-1 to win the title.

#3: Clemson:

Clemson is the current favorite by oddsmakers to win the title, at 6-1, and there’s good reason for the odds to be set so high. Deshaun Watson is coming back and will be better than ever. They aren’t losing any major players, and a few new recruits will be joining the Tigers. Deshaun Watson recently mentioned that he thinks the Tigers will be back. He hasn’t backed out on any guarantees yet! Expect Clemson to be a serious competitor this season, despite the negativity some fans are showing.

#4: Oregon:

Here’s a real longshot that might surprise a lot of fans. They had a terrible year in 2015, going 9-4 and losing in the Alamo Bowl 47-41. They had huge bright spots throughout the year though – when they shone, they really looked great. I think the Ducks can be serious contenders this next year, and they also have some intriguing prospects coming in, and aren’t really losing any huge play makers. If their offense can click like they were towards the end of the year in 2015, their odds at 30-1 look crazy.


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Heisman odds recap

The race for the 2015 Heisman Trophy is now over, so it’s worth looking back to see what kind of odds you would’ve gotten if you had correctly bet on the eventual winner, Alabama running back Derrick Henry.

Way back in July, picking Henry would’ve gotten you 16 to 1 odds. Back then, TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin (6-1) and Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliot (7-1) were the big favorites.

By mid-September, Boykin was still on top with 8.5 to 1 odds, with Ohio State’s Elliott and his teammate, Cardale Jones, at 9 to 1. Henry? He was still at 12 to 1.

When November rolled around, it was LSU running back Leonard Fournette who was the huge favorite at -225 while Henry dropped to 14 to 1.

One month later, on Heisman eve, Henry was at +150 and, of course, that bore out correctly. If you had bet Henry in July at sport.netbet.co.uk, you would’ve done quite well for yourself, while any bet on Boykin or Fournette would’ve fallen well short.

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