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Tate Talk Takes Off

Apparently, Nancy Clark was too busy talking to Dan McCarney, so Andrew Logue of the Des Moines Register gives us this piece on Iowa quarterback Drew Tate.

Now, the all-conference quarterback must deal with rising expectations.

Some of the hype has led to Tate being mentioned as a possible Heisman Trophy candidate.

“He’s handled it on a smaller scale his whole life,” Tate’s stepfather, Dick Olin, said Monday. “This is a little bigger. This is a national scale.”

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Peterson Cleared For Workouts

The Dallas Morning News reports that 2004 Heisman runner up Adrian Peterson has been cleared for workouts.

The rising sophomore underwent offseason shoulder surgery and sat out the spring.

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Huarte In Hall

Notre Dame’s John Huarte, the 1964 Heisman Trophy winner, will be a 2005 inductee into the College Football Hall of Fame, it was announced.

Huarte guided Notre Dame to a share of the national championship in 1964 when he set 12 school records, including single-season passing yards with 2,062 and touchdown passes with 16.

Both Huarte and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart graduated from Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, Calif.

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Coaches Poll Thoughts

The USA Today Coaches Poll is out and there’s little surprise who is No. 1.

By the greatest margin of all time, it’s USC. Again.

Get used to it college football fans. The Trojans are in the midst of the greatest run in college football history. Sure, people are saying all kinds of vague things to disagree:

“Chow isn’t there so, USC will probably forget how to pass.”

“They will really miss quarterbacks coach Carl Smith!”

Someone will beat them. Who? Uh, I don’t know. Someone.”

But the fact is, the Trojans have had three-straight No. 1 recruiting classes and the talent gravy train ain’t stopping anytime soon. The Trojan defense in 2006 is going to be loaded like its never been, while the offense will merely have to choose between John David Booty and Mark Sanchez (both No. 1 quarterbacks out of high school) to run the show. Sure, USC will lose Matt Leinart and probably Reggie Bush and LenDale White. But if there’s one thing that Pete Carroll has proven adept at, it’s replacing star players.

Just look at last season. USC had to replace almost its entire offensive line and both starting receivers. No problem. The year before, Leinart was an unproven replacement for Heisman winner Carson Palmer. And so on.

In reality, the only real thing that can derail the emerging Trojan dynasty is scandal or the departure of Pete Carroll. Until then, the center of the college football world is somewhere at the corner of Figueroa and Exposition.

More Poll Notes:

–Do the coaches even follow what goes on in the offseason? How could they put Florida State at No. 12 after all they have gone through?

–As usual, a lot of teams are ranked high because of reputation. Oklahoma seems a quite high at No. 5. Alabama did what, exactly, to earn a top 25 ranking? They went 6-6 last year and lost their bowl game, but then so did UCLA, right?

–Louisville and Boise State are ranked too low. If anything, I’d put FSU at No. 19 and Boise at No. 12, just one spot ahead of UGA.

–Auburn seems awfully low at No. 15. When they start out 6-0, are people going to think they are for real or not?

–SEC has five of the top 15 teams. No doubt, they are ranked thus because of their records last year. Which of course, were mostly earned by what has been clearly shown to be schedule gerrymandering. Congrats SEC! Another successful polling result! Keep at it!

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More MSM Arrogance

Thanks to fanblogs.com for pointing out an example of why we thinkthe ‘mainstream media’ continues to be a joke.

Seems that Nancy Clark of the Des Moines Register–who sounds like she just graduated from J-School–is getting into a tizzy over her chance to meet Iowa State coach Dan McCarney.

Today I’ll be talking with Dan McCarney.
The bloggers won’t.

I’ll also be posing questions during Iowa State’s media day to Bret Meyer, Todd Blythe and Jason Scales.

The bloggers won’t.

Monday, I’ll be chatting with Kirk Ferentz.

The bloggers won’t.

I’ll also get in a word at Iowa’s media day with Drew Tate.

The bloggers won’t.

Tuesday, I’ll interview Mark Farley at Northern Iowa’s media day.

The bloggers won’t.

First off, no one cares about Dan McCarney or Mark Farley. Which is why no one outside of Nancy Clark and other Iowa media–who themselves are only talking to them because they are being paid to–will be talking with them either.

I can tell you with 100% certitude who Nancy Clark WON’T be talking to any time soon: Matt Leinart.

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More From Walters On Non-Conference Scheduling

We bore the brunt for lauding CNNSI.com’s story by John Walters about SEC scheduling (or lack thereof).

Now, Walters returns with even more data to support his claim, though he does admit to being wrong about some minor things (the spelling of Phelan, the year of Washington’s win over Miami, etc.).

But his new data sheds some more light on his previous claim that the SEC lacks the balls to play intersectional road games.

Money quotes:

The SEC, as I argued last week, has a serious case of hodophobia (that’s a “d”, people, not an “m”). Fewer than one of every five of its intersectional games this season involves a road trip (and three of the seven road games are within 200 miles of campus).

and then this:

Our Dorothy Division (“There’s no place like home”) includes eleven schools that will not travel for non-conference games this season. They are Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Florida, South Carolina, LSU, Auburn, Alabama and, yes, Kansas. Why don’t these schools, most of whom are perennial BCS bowl fixtures, want to venture off campus? Take a look at their non-conference road records from 2000-2004:

Alabama 1-3
Auburn 0-3
Florida 1-3
Kansas 2-3
LSU 1-1
Michigan 0-5
Nebraska 3-1
Ohio State 3-1
Penn State 0-5
South Carolina 0-4
Texas Tech 4-3

That’s a combined away record of 15-32.

As you can see, five of those 11 schools are from the ESS-EEE–SEEEEEE.

But hey, I’m just the messenger, I didn’t write the thing. Once again, all protests should be forwarded to Walters, all huzzahs can be logged here.

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Herbstreit Must Learn The Heismandments

According to this story from the Toledo Blade, ESPN heart throb Kirk Herbstreit sees Ted Ginn as a prime Heisman candidate if he leads the Buckeyes to a win over Texas.

“Let’s put it this way, if Ted plays well against Texas and Ohio State wins the game, he’ll be one of the front-runners to win the Heisman Trophy,” Herbstreit said.

No, Kirk, he won’t. You see, sophomores can’t win the award. And if anyone were to overcome that stigma, it would likely be Adrian Peterson.

I can just see Herbstreit staring into the camera after that game, should Ohio State win, and stating emphatically that Ginn is a prime candidate.

In reality, an Ohio State win would merely push Vince Young’s candidacy on to life support. That would be the real significance of that game in the Heisman race.

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