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I Would Die For You

No, not you guys. This is the text message Oklahoma State commit Michael Goodson claims to have received from a USC coach recently.

The story I linked to talks about how recruiters are relying more and more on text messaging to talk to recruits. Apparently, some coaches are really getting into it. Or, they could be really big Prince fans.

Interestingly, Goodson now claims to be wavering between Texas A&M, USC and Oklahoma State. From the rumblings I’ve heard about some of the issues surrounding the recruitment of Goodson–who quite frankly is destined to be a huge star wherever he goes–we may not have heard the last of this yet.

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College football is even getting a mention on the other side of the pond, as The Times of London weighs in on the 2005 season.

I am assuming the writer is British. But he sure has a good feel for how special the college game is:

However the pros can’t match the college game when it comes to stirring the soul. Which team is No 1 is the burning question from the start of preseason practices through to the end of the season and beyond. Even the bowl game, annually dubbed the national championship match, doesn’t always answer the question because, unlike every other sport in America, college football doesn’t feature a play-off system at the end of the season.

I ask you: How can a Brit understand college football better than so many Americans?

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The Latest Heisman Odds

The latest Heisman odds are out and Pinnacle Sports.com has Matt Leinart with a substantial lead.

The USC quarterback is a 13/10 favorite according to the online sports book. Reggie Bush is second at 9/2, Adrian Peterson third at 13/2 and Vince Young fourth at 11/1.

The site goes a step further in its betting options:

With two USC players considered the top Heisman candidates,
PinnacleSports.com has also created a betting option on whether a Trojan player will win the award this season. The odds that a player from USC takes college football’s top individual honor currently stand at 5/4 odds, while the
chances that the Heisman winner isn’t a Trojan stand at 5/7.

If Heismandment No. 9 holds up once more, putting money on Leinart could end up being a sucker bet.

Current Odds: (All Odds Subject to Change)

Odds To Win 2005 Heisman Trophy From PinnacleSports.com
Matt Leinart, USC 13/10
Reggie Bush, USC 9/2
Adrian Peterson , Oklahoma 13/2
Vince Young, Texas 7/1
Ted Ginn Jr., Ohio State 11/1
Chris Leak, Florida 11/1
Chad Henne, Michigan 18/1
Drew Tate, Iowa 18/1
Reggie McNeal, Texas A&M 22/1
Marshawn Lynch, California 32/1
Marcus Vick, Virginia Tech 38/1
Laurence Maroney, Minnesota 38/1
Brady Quinn, Notre Dame 70/1
Jason Gwaltney, West Virginia 100/1

Will a USC Player Win the Heisman Trophy?
No 5/7
Yes 5/4

Is anyone else wondering what Jason Gwaltney is doing on that list? I would put his odds at about Ten Zillion-To-One!

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Thanks To Readers

Yesterday was an all-time high in hits for the site, thanks in no small part to Dan Weber’s blurb in his recent story on Reggie Bush and to AOL’s linking to us from their sports page.

Much of the general college football talk will soon make its way over to collegefootballpundit, but the focus on the Heisman will burn brighter than ever here.

We’ll also soon be sprucing up the links section with more Heisman resources, including links to information on the top candidates.

If anyone has any suggestions on ways to improve the site, please feel free to drop me a line.

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The Texas Quarterback, 2006

With Texas quarterback Vince Young likely to skip his senior year to enter the NFL draft, what will become of the Longhorn QB situation in 2006?.

Mack Brown appeared to have the situation solved last fall when Ryan Perrilloux–the top prep signal-caller in the country–committed to come to Austin and play for Texas.

But LSU stole Perrilloux from under Brown’s nose just before signing day, leaving the Longhorns with few options should Young head to the NFL.

Basically, this could be the ‘now-or-never’ year for Brown, since Oklahoma will rebound back into shape by next season and Texas A&M and Nebraska appear to be on the upswing as well. In other words, the Big 12 will only get more difficult.

Of course, it’s likely that Brown will snag a top quarterback out of this year’s class. Who wouldn’t want to be the heir to Vince Young? But unless he is a phenom ready to start from Day One, it will take a while to get the same production.

As for Perrilloux, we last heard from him when he was talking smack about LSU’s current quarterbacks and how he was going to come in right away and start. Anyone have any updates on how he’s coming along in camp?

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Leinart Under The Microscope

Looks like Matt Leinart is tiring of all the attention he’s getting.

But Trojans quarterback Matt Leinart has tired of the attention that led USC’s compliance office to check into his 22nd birthday party and even caused some concern because of something written on a borrowed shoe.

Apparently, he wore some shoes on the cover of ESPN Magazine that read: OU 17. Some thought it referred to a gambling spread. Instead, he had merely borrowed backup QB John David Booty’s shoes for the shoot.

Will Leinart be able to handle the intense scrutiny in his quest for a second Heisman? More on this later…..

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The Push For Bush

Yours truly gets quoted in this piece by Dan Weber of the Riverside Press Enterprise, on Reggie Bush’s chances for the Heisman in 2005. (Thanks Dan!)

The Contra Costa Times also refers here to Bush’s early front runner status.

As we’ve said earlier, Bush’s media presence looks like it is reaching that saturation point where he can start to be considered the Heisman front runner.

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