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Reader Mail

Writes Jerry:

I’ve been following with interest your fisking of the SEC schedule. You bring up some good points. One of the things the SEC fans often talk about is how hard it is to go through the league undefeated. To that end, I looked at the last 15 seasons to try to figure out which conference had the most undefeated teams in conference play. Here are the results:

PAC 10–4 undefeated teams

Big Ten–7 undefeated teams

SEC–7 undefeated teams

Big 12/Big8/SWC–9 undefeated teams

Big East–8 undefeated teams

ACC–8 undefeated teams

Heismanpundit, it would stand to reason that, according to the data, the Pac-10 is actually the toughest conference to go undefeated in. What say you?

I’d say that the numbers speak for themselves. I will now open up the floor to debate. Can anyone shed light on this subject?

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Another Heisman List

This time courtesy of Houston blogger Green Eggs And Sam.

His pick: Matt Leinart.

It is often said when something seems to good to be true, it probably is. I’m going to go against that and say that, once again, everything goes right for the kid and he makes history by winning his second Heisman and getting selected first in the 2006 NFL Draft.

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Cutler Better Than Leak?

That’s what the SEC coaches thought as they sat down to put together their preseason All-SEC team.

Obviously, the SEC coaches tend to reward seniors. But this pick still strikes us as being a reach.

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McNeal And Heisman Hype

Calm down about Reggie McNeal for the Heisman advises Jordan Meserole of The Texas A&M student newspaper, The Battalion.

We think McNeal is a great darkhorse candidate, actually, who should be hyped. He threw for over 2,700 yards and 14 TDs, plus had 800 yards rushing and another 8 rushing touchdowns last season. Those are better numbers than Vince Young put up.

Heisman hype can never be too premature. It is the mother’s milk of a candidacy.

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5 Key Big 12 Questions

From Dennis Dodd of CBS Sportsline.

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Vince Young Is Good

The junior Longhorn quarterback is No. 3 on our list of 2005 Heisman candidates. The Houston Chronicle takes a look at his star quality in this story by Joseph Duarte.

“He’s as feared with the ball in his hands as any quarterback in the history of the game,” says Mel Kiper. “He’s a righthanded Michael Vick. Had there been no Michael Vick, Vince Young would have been the greatest multidimensional quarterback to ever play college football.”

Hmmm. That’s a good challenge. IS Vince Young the greatest multidimensional quarterback ever (besides Mike Vick)? He just may be.

All I can think to match him is Tommy Frazier, or maybe Donovan McNabb.

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Stu Mandel’s Darkhorse Picks

CNN SI’s Stewart Mandel–one of the best young college football writers around–just put out his picks for conference darkhorses.

Writes Mandel:

The beauty of writing for the Internet is that one is free to express his opinions on a variety of subjects. The downside of writing for the Internet is that the URL for the page containing those opinions — or at least a Google-cached version — lives forever and can be dug up and thrown back in the writer’s face when at least some of those opinions inevitably turn out to be wrong.

Whoo-wee, is that ever true. And I’m sure you’ll all let me know it, too, come Fall.

Also from CNNSI.com, an interview with Heisman winner Matt Leinart.

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