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Heisman News Round Up

Here are the latest headlines from the world of the Heisman Trophy…

Reports: Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy returned to family

Parents’ divorce could complicate status of Reggie Bush’s Heisman 

PFT: Bush closer to returning Heisman Trophy?

Raising the bar: USC’s Lattimore sets his sights on Heisman Trophy

Howard Headlines 2011 Hall of Fame Class

Howard shares enshrinement?

Howard not buying Irish hype?

Heisman trophy winner statues in the works

Heisman winner Sullivan returns to AU as Samford coach

 UH turns to Facebook to promote star quarterback Bryant Moniz

Crouch’s comeback continues with the Nighthawks?

Alabama honors Mark Ingram with portrait?

Austin College to Display Doak Walker Heisman Trophy

Paige: Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos won’t be a shotgun marriage





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Reggie Bush Should Keep His Heisman Trophy and Everyone Else Should Move On

So the word now is that Reggie Bush still hasn’t returned the statue that was presented to him in 2005 for being the most outstanding player in college football.

To which I say:  Who cares?

I’ve never been a proponent of revising history and I’ve written before that the actions taken with regards to Bush will merely serve to open up an unruly can of worms, since most elite college football players are in constant violation of one NCAA rule or another.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at the headlines from the past couple years.

Anyway, Bush has been stripped of his honor, his name removed from the record books, he is banned from associating with USC and he is basically persona non grata in college football.

Is that not punishment enough for doing something that, while against the NCAA rules, falls well short of being immoral?

Are we not feeding the monster that is the NCAA rule book by constantly harping on such transgressions?  We see it happening at Ohio State, too, where a bunch of guys traded jerseys for tattoos….the horror!

Yes, these are violations of NCAA rules.  No, it does not make them horrible human beings.

In the end, Reggie Bush won his trophy on the field.  He’s since been exposed as an NCAA violator and, as a result, he is no longer the Heisman winner from 2005.

I think having his bronze statue with his name on it at a museum makes more sense than returning it to the Heisman Trust so it can be boxed up and hidden from view.

Move on.  Better yet, let’s talk about the very real greed and corruption of the NCAA for once.

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Heisman News Round Up

Here are the latest rumblings and commentary from the world of the Heisman Trophy… Continue Reading →

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Tressel, Ohio State and the Heisman

With the resignation of Ohio State coach Jim Tressel and NCAA infractions looming, I think that the Buckeyes will be be taking a holiday from the Heisman race for the next three or four years.

However, I’m intrigued by who might replace Tressel in Columbus.  While his offenses were consistent, they weren’t exactly the kind of attacks that produced huge individual numbers.  One wonders what Terrelle Pryor could’ve done in a more wide-open scheme.  And recall that Troy Smith won the Heisman with the fewest passing yards of any winner (barring option QB Eric Crouch) since 1986.  I’m curious to see if the Buckeyes can finagle some new energy on that side of the ball.

If Ohio State hires the right guy with the right image and the right football mind, it might come out of the sanctions stronger than people anticipate.  After all, the Buckeyes will always get talent.  But having a coach fully utilize that talent on offense is something that hasn’t been realized in quite a while.

Will Ohio State hire someone with Buckeye or Midwest ties?  Most likely.  But a curve ball might be in order here.

In the meantime, the Buckeyes join USC on the NCAA hit-list.  One wonders which program is on deck.

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Heisman News Round Up

Here’s the latest happenings in the world of the Heisman Trophy…

Sam Bradford Heisman Park Statue To Be Unveiled: Controversy?

College football legend Lattner highlights Senior Home Sharing anniversary bash

As early as 1969, critics were talking about the Heisman albatross

Fitzgerald puts Dan Persa on Heisman radar

Persa a Heisman candidate, his coach says?

College Football: 2011 Heisman Trophy Has Plenty of Great Candidates

?Six Inducted Into Gwinnett Sports Hall of Fame

Unique format for Tebow tourney

Players, fans show up at Tim Tebow charity golf event

?Five Heisman Trophy candidates: South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore

Alabama’s Mark Ingram adds EA Sports NCAA Football 12 cover to trophy case

Auburn’s Heisman winners to be immortalized, too

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Heisman News Round Up

Just a few stories on the docket this week related to Heisman winners past, present and future.

The Big 12’s dark horse Heisman candidates

Cam Newton to visit Redskins

Believe the hype: Newton has intangibles to be a star

Ranking dark horse Heisman candidates

Geno Smith a Heisman darkhorse

Heisman winner Rogers among Gwinnett Hall of Fame class

Is the 2011 Heisman Trophy a Pac-12 race?

Tide’s Trent Richardson has big shoes to fill

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Heisman News Round Up

Time for the latest headlines from the world of the Heisman Trophy:









Florida to unveil Heisman Trophy statues April 9

Heisman winner Ingram cuts 40 times at Alabama pro day

Titans Interested In Heisman Trophy Winner

Herschel Walker Interested in Wrestling too

Mark Ingram solidifies first-round status at Combine

Mark Ingram’s speed should scare Dolphins

Heisman winner Cam Newton impressive in drills at NFL

Top five NFL quarterbacks who won the Heisman?

Report: Newton gets lucrative endorsement deal

ESPN’s Mel Kiper compares Cam Newton to all-time bust Akili Smith?

Detmer lived, fooled by a code

Is Newton the next Roethlisberger?

Tim Tebow talks documentary with students

Cam’s mechanics not a worry

Q&A: Don’t look for the Broncos to trade Kyle Orton for Carson Palmer?

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