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The Heisman Watch and the Heisman Poll

After reading some recent comments, I want to use this post to clarify the differences between the HP Heisman Watch and the HeismanPundit.com Heisman Poll.

The HP Heisman Watch (the big eyeball on the left sidebar) is my own personal analysis of the Heisman race.  Its goal is to figure out who is actually going to win the trophy, not to predict the order of the final vote.  In my methodology, I use the Heismandments and provide my own read on which candidate is best carrying the day in the realm of publicity and name recognition.  It is a projection of how the race will end up based on current information, not a gauge of the present state of the race.

That task falls to the HeismanPundit.com Heisman Poll (also on the left sidebar) which provides us a weekly snapshot of Heisman voter sentiment thanks to the input of 13 Heisman voters who are kind enough to take part in the project.  The poll is valuable because it surveys voters who have local, regional and national focuses, as well as a few who have editorial responsibilities that takes them away from the daily grind of the beat, which I think make the poll more representative of the larger Heisman electorate.  The weekly survey gives us an insight into the pulse of the Heisman race.

The two methods will not always mesh (though they usually do in the end), but I think both are helpful in understanding the ins and outs of the race for the most prestigious award in sports.

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