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Locker’s Summer Vacation

Washington quarterback Jake Locker is on a tour of the East Coast as his school continues its vibrant Heisman push on his behalf.

Besides putting up a nifty web site for the senior signal caller, Washington is having Locker meet with various media along the way.

It’s a great way to get Locker more exposure before the season begins because, face it, Washington probably won’t be in the spotlight much in 2010.  Unless, of course, Locker can somehow lead the Huskies to a major resurgence.

Can Locker win the Heisman?  Normally I’d say no, but given the wide-open nature of this year’s race and the quick-shifting moods of the Heisman electorate in the digital age, I think he has a shot.   Toby Gerhart nearly took home the Heisman last year and his team didn’t exactly challenge for the national title.  With Locker widely seen as a top NFL talent, the idea that he is the nation’s best player won’t be too far fetched.   But a lot of things have to go his way.  He’s got to have a monster season statistically while helping the Huskies get to a decent bowl.  He’s got to lead UW to big wins over the likes of Nebraska and USC.  And he has to hope that none of the other candidates from more high-profile teams catch fire.

A tall task to be sure, but not out of the question.  At worst, gambits like this summer tour will help his marketability in the future and give his school some much-needed publicity.  It’s always good to get an early start on these kinds of campaigns and Washington has timed it perfectly–during the dog days of the summer, when college football news is sparse and the preseason magazines are just hitting the news stands.

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Locker’s Campaign is Underway

The Jake Locker for Heisman campaign has begun, with a blog-based web site and a mailing that has gone out to the media.

I like the approach here by Washington–start early, get the buzz going, put up an informative blog where people can get to know the candidate and then let the chips fall where they may.  Reminds me of what USC did with Matt Leinart back in 2004.

Of course, Locker’s chances will be contingent upon how his team does.  We all know by now that he is a top NFL prospect.  Can he put all that talent together and lead Washington back to respectability?  If the Huskies can get to nine wins and Locker has a big year, then I can see him getting to New York.  Whatever the case, this campaign is good for him–and Washington’s–overall visibility. 

Well done, Huskies.

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